Robert Simpson

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You have a few choices in how you can get in touch with me. My preferred method is via email, so if you want a reasonably quick response, use the form.

Alternatively, you could call me on +44 (0) 141 628 5666 if you’re UK based, or on +1 (310) 929 5758 if you’re based in the US, although if I don’t recognise your number the chances of me picking up are slim (I get a lot of sales calls), so you’d be better using the form instead if I don’t know you.

If you prefer snail mail, my postal address is 115 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 2SZ, United Kingdom. Don’t turn up there and expect to find me though, it’s an address used purely for postal correspondence. I don’t publish my actual office address because it’s hard enough trying to get things done with the phone ringing, never mind with people knocking on my door all day.

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