Robert Simpson

It finally happened…

It was the typical designer’s nightmare, never being happy with what I produce for myself, but I figured at some point I’d have to eventually get it done and open my own site and expose myself (not like that) to the world.

As you can no doubt see, it’s relatively empty at the moment but as time passes I’ll be populating it with all manner of mind numbing rubbish (that would be this blog) as well as things which are ocassionaly useful like tutorials etc (I figured I’ve learned a lot from other designers and what they’ve published on their own blogs, I should give something back), as well as some of my more up to date portfolio items and a rogues gallery of some of my favourite clients (I’m sure they can’t wait for the guilt by association).

If you want to reach out and touch me (not like that), you can do so here, but who knows why you’d want to do such a thing? That’d be insane. If not, I don’t think I’ve ever had a stalker before, but you’re welcome to continue perusing my wares as if I were some kind of modern art exhibit. Enjoy.